5 Reasons For Working With A Personal Trainer

A lot of people think of personal trainers as people who show you how to go about lifting weights. This is actually a small part of what a personal trainer does. When certified a personal trainer provides his/her clients with practical, safe and affordable guidance so that a person can achieve their personal goals for a healthy body and mind.

Once you locate a personal trainer here is what they can offer:

Education- Building good health is an important goal, however an investment in learning how to change your current lifestyle and get healthy and active and stay that way for the long term will pay off. You will enjoy a longer and healthier life as a result. A certified personal trainer will provide you with the education you need to achieve your health and well being goals.

Guidance-Your personal trainer will assist you with designing your exercise program, one that is tailored to your lifestyle and schedule, one that fits your body type and current fitness level. A personal trainer can guide you in general fitness, improved sports performance, prevention of injuries, and weight loss. Not to mention the activities of everyday life.

Motivation-This is an important one. Sometimes getting motivated to work out and eat right for some people is like climbing the biggest mountain on earth. Going it alone makes it even harder. We need some kind of outside motivation to get moving and keep moving toward our fitness goals. A personal trainer can be an important asset with regards to this area and provide you with encouragement and feedback to build confidence so you can find the resolve to continue.

Support-Finding the time to exercise regularly is a challenge. If you run into roadblocks and find it difficult to keep going your personal trainer can help you sort through some of the issues you might face. Having a person to talk to and get advice on certain aspects of your routine is an asset.

Safety-Making sure that you are starting out properly and using the right form and technique when exercising is crucial to long term success. The last thing you need is to get an injuring right out of the gate. A personal trainer is educated in the basics of setting proper weight amounts and in the proper use of the equipment used, the best types of cardio training to get you going without over exerting your muscles and joints.

Bonus-This just in!

Activity- A little or alot?

If you heeded the cardio freaks of the fitness and excersize realm you might be getting ready for your daily 12 mile run you think you need to stay fit. Hold on to your sneakers one minute.

A study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, where a group of researchers studied 252,925 women and men between the ages 50 to 71. Those who were getting a moderate amount of exercise (30 minutes or more on most days of the week) saw a 27 percent decreased risk of death. For those that endured vigorous exercise (starting with 20 minutes or more three times per week) had a 32 percent decreased risk of death. Get this, those who actually did less activity than the minimum recommended amount of moderate exercise had a reduced risk of death in comparison to inactive people.

Hmmmmm, it seems that a small amount of exercise will help alot to reduce ones risk of death. So if running that 12 miles is really getting old not to mention a time killer, keep in mind that a brisk 30 minutes of walking each day can be all that you need.

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